About Us

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(Agent Banking - Digital Banking and Payment Services, E-Micro-Insurance, E-Micro-Pension, E-Micro Health, E-Micro Savings and Loans, Digital co-operative scheme)

Founded in 2019, Pro-Gain Fin-Consults Limited is a pro-poor and pro-growth financial technology start-up partnering with financial institutions to provide access to financial products and services to low income groups and the unbanked in the remote and rural areas of Nigeria.


To offer suites of financial inclusion services and products to individuals and organisations as enablers of financial accessibility for the Millions of underserved and the under banked in Nigeria.


To become the most sought after financial inclusion company in the rural and remote areas of Africa.

Milestone Achievement

Started with four members, we have gradually reached to a superlative team of 20 employees and keeps employing. ProgainBetalife has always been an incredible assortment of dedicated and trustworthy people who have the zeal of working hard as a team

Within two years, we have processed up to 2Billion Naira transactions through our agent banking platforms and financially included about ten thousand unbanked Nigerians through our Betalife Digital Co- banking platform. 

As a pro- poor and pro-growth financial Inclusion company, ProgainBetalife has bettered the lives of many Nigerians, startups, women, and small business owners through our digital co-operative micro- lending platform.  (Betalifenaija.com)

In partnership with Fidelity bank, we have also rolled out ProgainBetalife co- branded debit cards, as we all as delivering other quality financial Inclusion services and products to our customers and partners.

To deepen Insurance Inclusion in the remote and rural areas of Nigeria, we launched the Progain Betalife digital micro- health and life Insurance platform in partnership with Axa- Mansard Insurance. 

The reputation that we have earned as a financial Inclusion service provider in the rural and remote areas is well-deserved as we have earned it after a lot of toil.


We partner with banks, fintechs, insurance companies, health management organisations, pension managers, state and federal government, international agencies and big corporations to provide financial inclusion services to the poor and low income earners in remote and rural areas.


Progain is a member of Fintech Association of Nigeria.