Dear employees and customers,

As we are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of ProgainBetalife, I really feel proud and blessed when I look back at the journey of these significant and remarkable two years.


Started with four members, we have gradually reached to a superlative team of 20 employees and keeps employing.

Within two years , we have processed up to 1Billion Naira transactions through our agent banking and e-payment platforms and financially included about ten thousand unbanked Nigerians through our Betalife Digital Co-banking platform.


As a pro-poor and pro-growth financial Inclusion company, ProgainBetalife has bettered the lives of many Nigerians by financially empowering startups, women, and small business owners through our Betalife co-operative digital lending platform. (


In partnership with Fidelity bank, we have also rolled out ProgainBetalife co-branded debit cards, as we all as delivering other quality financial Inclusion services and products to our customers and partners.


To deepen Insurance Inclusion in the remote and rural areas of Nigeria, we launched the Progain Betalife digital micro-health and life Insurance platform in partnership with Axa- Mansard Insurance.

So while it is real fun to look back, it is equally exciting to look forward, which matters the most.


ProgainBetalife has always been an incredible assortment of dedicated and trustworthy people who have the zeal of working hard as a team. The reputation that we have earned as a financial Inclusion service provider is well-deserved as we have earned it after a lot of toil.


For this, my sincere thanks goes to my Co-Founder (Nduka Itodo), the Board members, management team and our loyal staff. I also hope that all the employees, working in ProgainBetalife have been having a challenging, stimulating, exciting, and a continuous learning and developmental experience.


Apart from this, we have very supportive partners and loyal customer base without whom our hard work and toil would be worthless.

Our initial customers are still cordially in touch with us, which is a proof of our client retention level.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to all our customers and partners .

Moreover, the appreciations and testimonials from the customers have also been an inspiring and stimulating spree.


Announcing Next Milestones

Looking forward to future prospects, I believe in seeing many more great experiences,fund - raising, scale, expansion, growth and excitement.

The next milestone that we want to enhance is to become a Digital bank by 2025.


We will surely be prospecting for a PSB license, entering into partnership with foreign fintech firms, adopting new fintech technologies, markets and products.

We also have been successful in riding the technology wave that has been thrown at us over the last 2 years, and I completely trust on our team that it will continue to perform the same.

Other than working hard, we must also promise to each other that we will carry on our trait of providing the customers maximum value and quality commitment.


No doubt we will be facing challenges again, but I equally believe in the factor that our compelling crew will meet it again successfully.

To learn more about ProgainBetalife Fintech, kindly visit our website below .

Happy 2nd Anniversary to us!!!

Glory to God.


Nkem Orakwe
CEO/ Founder
Progain Betalife Financial Inclusion and Technology Company Limited.

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