Betalife Digital Co-operative Scheme

Digital Co-operative Bank

Betalife is a pro-growth digital co-operative bank designed by Progain in partnership with Mansard Insurance ,Fidelity bank and Riby Finance to provide micro savings and loans, pension, health and life insurance cover for the under banked and SMES using technology platforms.

Our Subscribers

Betalife Digital co-operative subscribers will have access to loan facilities through our financial partners, make hire purchases and enjoy our social and economic empowerment programmes.

Benefits of ProGain Betalife Scheme (Individual)

Once you sign up in this Scheme as an individual, you will benefit the following:

  • Automatic membership of Betalife Co-operative Society
  • Life Micro-Insurance Cover in case of accident or death of our member
  • Co-operative Savings and Loans
  • Progain Health Insurance Scheme including medical check up, cancer screening and health talks
  • Pension Scheme: Automatic subscription to the compulsory micro- pension scheme
  • Okada, Keke, Car and Bus Hire Purchase
  • Rent, School Fees and Property Financing
  • Household Items like Fridges, Deep Freezers, and Generators hire purchases
  • Empowerment and Wealth Creation Training Schemes for members
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Progain Betalife Agent Banking

As part of our efforts to promote financial inclusion and financial services in the under-banked areas and economically empower Nigerians, ProGain has launched an Agent Banking Startup programme within the rural and remote locations across the country.
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BetapayNG is the first Progain Fintech payment platform engineered for growth and driving the way people pay.
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Betalife Co-branded Prepaid ATM Cards

ProgainBetalife recently launched prepaid ATM debit cards for withdrawing money, making purchases at various shops, commercial establishments, air and rail tickets, payment of utility bills and for online Internet transactions by Betalife Digital co-operative members.
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Digital Banking and Electronic Payment Solutions

Progain is an industry leading innovator that creates, distributes and supports enterprise ready open source electronic payment and digital banking platforms.
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Progain Betalife Digital Insurance

Insurance penetration in Nigeria is among the lowest the world, especially in the rural and remote areas. To address this need, ProgainBetalife provides micro life and health insurance to the underserved in the rural and remote communities in partnership with Axa-Mansard Insurance through our digital insurance channels.
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Betalife Digital Co-operative Loans

As a pro- poor and pro-growth financial Inclusion company, ProgainBetalife has bettered the lives of many Nigerians, start-ups, women and small business owners through our digital co-operative micro-lending, platform.  (
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